Photo Catch-Up

Two important things have happened this week so far.

1. Camden got to pitch his first inning! Oh, he was so excited, and I could hardly contain my nerves. We Facetimed with my parents so they could watch. He struck out 2 players and several more strikes. He certainly did a fabulous job, especially since it was his first pitching experience ever. And, of course, I did not have my camera with me so this teeny little picture from my phone is all I have.


2. We got home from the game Tuesday night, and our AC was not working and it was already 82 degrees downstairs. Full on panic mode from this very spoiled girl right here. Brian was able to reset the fuse box, and the AC started working again. Thank heavens.

Here are a few catch-up pictures from the last week.



Playing ring-around-the-rosie.

Addison finally learned how to give out hugs.

The love was flowing freely Saturday. (And, Liz, pretty sure this was when Rory passed on her cold to Addison. Sorry!)

Facetiming with grandparents Saturday night before bed.


Property where our church is building.

At the property during a dedication prayer.

Camden before his first baseball game last week. My mom says he's looking so tall and slim. That's cause he is!

I snapped a picture of their school pics (because I only ordered a class picture). Notice Camden's spiky hair for which he apparently received alot of grief and the fact that Rory has her hair swept over her shoulder. She tries to do this every day because our friend Kinsley does it.

And Rory at Chick-Fil-A after her doctor's appointment Monday. She doesn't look sick to me!


Vicky said…
Yay Camden!! I so know that feeling when they step up to pitch for the first time- nerve wracking and exciting all mixed together! It just gets better and better :)
YAY for Camden getting to pitch!!! Woot!!!
I'm so excited for picture day (not that I know when it is...) but I'm not sure I will be able to resist ordering the photos!

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