The Last Few Slow Mornings of Summer

Brian has been remarkably stress-free this last week of summer . . . until yesterday morning, that is. He woke up stressed out and has stayed that way. Teachers have a tough job, if you didn't already know that. Add a church job on top of that, and, well, it's stressful.

This weekend is tax-free weekend in Tennessee, but I am not crazy enough to save my back-to-school shopping for that madness so we went yesterday. School supplies cost us $120 at Target. Yes, you read that right. I should mention that total included new socks for both kids since we pretty much toss out all the holey, mismatched socks at the end of the school year and start fresh. We also bought new tennis shoes for the kids (not at Target) and just wait until you see Rory's. It will be abundantly clear that she picked out her own. Unfortunately, both of my kids have super skinny feet and pricey Nikes seems to fit them both the best. Fortunately, we bought them at a shop that had buy 1 get 1 half off plus I had a $5 coupon so we didn't break the bank too badly.

Brian is off to school working on his room while Camden, Rory, and I are still in our p.j.'s at 11:00. Camden is downstairs reading, I am blogging, and Rory is behind me playing HGTV star/Brother vs. Brother, which should give you a good indication of what we've been watching around here. It is pretty funny.

I was all about getting us back on schedule so that the kids won't have a rude awakening the first day of school, but decided to skip the alarm clock all together this week. As a result, this happened this morning. All 3 of us in bed with Camden helping Rory read. So sweet.


Holy cow. $120?!?! Yikes. We did our supply list and uniform shopping today... the sneakers and gym clothes need to wait for another day. I can't believe you all go back TOMORROW!

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