Full Disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you I got pulled over by a policeboy policeman (who was all of 18 years old) because I forgot to turn my van lights on as I pulled out of church Wednesday night. He wanted to make sure I was not intoxicated, but as soon as he shined his flashlight in his eyes, he started backing up and said, "Please don't worry, ma'am. You're not in trouble." I don't know if it was the sobbing 6-year old in the backseat (she was convinced we were going to jail) or the fact that I'd just pulled out of the church parking lot. Our car pool friend texted me the next day that Rory told them "my mama got arrested last night for not having her lights on."

The policeman also thanked me for stopping since "some people don't bother." I didn't realize not pulling over was an option. 

We're all still trying to get back into a school routine. Apparently 1st grade is very taxing because Rory keeps asking for a nap every day. Unfortunately, there's no way I can let her nap at 5:00! Last night she fell asleep on my lap while I was reading to her so I took her straight to bed. It was 6:40.

Ball practice started for both kids this week, and considering how tired they both seem at the end of the day (not to mention how tired Brian is), I'm hoping it wasn't a mistake. I manage to forget every single year what an adjustment going back to school is.

Our weekend is full of tee-ball practice (Rory), church camping trip (Brian and Camden), and then a meet-up with some friends Saturday (me and Rory) (Rory and I?). Sundays are pretty busy for us. Between Brian's early wake-up (this man gets up at 4:00 nearly every single day; I don't know how he does it), praise team practice prior to Sunday School, and then actual church services, then cleaning up after, Sunday mornings end up feeling like a full day's work by the time 1:00 rolls around. We protect our Sunday afternoons/evenings pretty carefully, and I'm looking forward to having us all home and basically doing nothing. Brian usually watches golf/football and dozes on the couch while the kids play video games (it's the only day they get to during the school year). Sunday night usually involves popcorn for supper (so healthy I know) while we watch whatever current HGTV/Food Network competition is on. Early bedtime for the kids (oh, yes, 7:30!) and then Brian and I try to catch up on whatever show we're watching while he grades papers.

On today's agenda is car pool, iced coffee from the local coffee shop (my Friday morning tradition), and then cleaning the house from top to bottom. It will stay clean until the kids get home from school so, you know, totally worth the effort. :)

And one picture of Rory after her haircut this week. She said, "I feel at least 16, mama."

Happy weekend, everyone!


Monica said…
LOL! I'm so glad Rory was there to bail you out!
Amy said…
Ha!! You crazy criminal! :) Love that picture of Rory. She does look about 16!
16! Egad!! She really does channel the teenager well, doesn't she!?!? And I so get the exhaustion ... that's where we are here too. Although there is no asking for naps, just spiraling out of control. Sigh. You guys have been BUSY this school year so far, huh!?

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