Weekend Recap

Friday night started with the realization that if Camden was going to play baseball this year, tryouts were Saturday and we'd better get with it! Considering no one in this house had picked up any baseball gear since the end of season last year (we are bad, bad sport parents), Brian and Camden hit the back yard to throw a few balls around.



Rory, of course, wanted in on the action. Brian says she actually had improved alot from last year and if we weren't on a one-kid-in-a-sport-at-a-time kind of family, she'd be great at softball (which she is old enough to play this year).

Camden started off Friday night game night with a Yahtzee. Lucky. Unfortunately for him, I totally won the game.

Saturday Brian took him squirrel hunting for the very first time (totally disgusting in this mama's opinion) and he shot and killed his first squirrel. I'll spare you the picture, although if you're a friend of Brian's on Facebook, you've already seen it. I tried to be appropriately excited for him.

Next up was baseball tryouts. Because we changed counties, Camden is having to start all over. We thought that the Montgomery County Little League has actual tryouts where only a few are chosen. Turns out that everyone gets drafted, but you do have to try out and they rank the players. Brian said it was super intimidating. There were 15-18 coaches standing in a row on the field all with clipboards and the players go out one by one (with all of the former players who do not have to try out, by the way) watching as they put you through some drills. Camden is a little like his mama and freezes up with nerves. Brian said he did all right, but certainly did not show his full potential. Because he's a leftie (and has a great arm) they offered to let him pitch (which has been his dream position), but the poor guy was just ready to get away from all the scrutiny at that point and turned down the offer. I hope he gets another chance when he's chosen for a team, but if not, it will be a good lesson for him about not letting nerves stop you from taking opportunities when they're offered.

This is his nervous face.

And then we had a visitor for Saturday afternoon and evening. She's had a rough introduction into daycare over the last few weeks, but you can tell she's feeling better by the sparkle in her eye. No editing, by the way. Just good light and pretty eyes!


And, seriously, could this group picture be more perfect? Maybe only if they had matching outfits. I'll have to work on that. ;)

Woke up with serious bedhead, just like her Aunt Melissa.

The rest of the day was a flurry of church, afternoon art projects, church again and dinner at a friend's house. And now we start the week all over again.

I have been surprisingly calm over the weekend and have barely given my CA125 test a second thought. I told Becky that either I have nothing to worry about or God is giving me the grace of worry-free days before I get bad news. Either way, I am sure the prayers being said for me have helped. I'll post an update when I hear something.


Vicky said…
Amen- those are almost my exact same thoughts- I"m over it already. I am sure it will go back on my radar a week from Tuesday, but til then I'm done giving it too much time and space.

Super cute photos of the kids- umm- but where did that baby go? Seriously- she is so big!
There is a ton I could comment on here... but I cannot get over that picture of the three kiddos... AMAZING! Please tell me someone is going to frame that?!
Monica said…
What? You didn't fry up the squirrel? :) As always, love the photos!
Amanda said…
Hannah and I just always love Addison pictures. She is such a cutie!! Praying you receive good news and soon.
X said…
Adore the photos. They are all soooo cute. Gotta say I love rory's pink mitt too. Praying for good news. Sweet Melissa. Isn't there a song sweet Melissa? Mmmm

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