A Sick Girl

Rory woke up this morning with a 101 degree fever. I shouldn't be surprised since for the last couple of weeks she's had the same nasty pneumonia-type cough she had a couple of months ago. In fact if she wasn't significantly better by tomorrow, I was planning to take her in to see Dr. H. Now that she's running a fever, I'll definitely be taking her. I'd call myself the worst mom on the planet again, but until this morning there's been no fever and despite the cough, she's been full steam ahead.

After a full day alone with her yesterday (that's a story for another day) and with the whole day stretching out in front of us today, I've seen my share of Tinkerbell and princess movies so I've resorted to sharing my iPad. In our family, kids only get the iPad in emergency situations and I'm thinking this definitely qualifies.


Becky and I decided that we were going to commit to the monthly favorite page about ourselves challenge (via Nettio Designs). I'm never a fan of scrapping about myself, but since I'd love to know these kinds of things about my own mom, I'm doing it. And while I may have scrapped this particular page twice in order to get it just right, I'm happy with the results. Make-up free face and all.

Shawna Clingerman: Top 10

And last week's PL pages.

Left side

Right side


You slay me with all theses awesome Project Life layouts! They are amazing! I'm sorry Rory was so sick! :-(

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