Put Her on the Injured List

So we all know the dangers of trampolines, right? And, yes, we all usually ignore that whole warning from your pediatrician to never buy one. We bought one last summer, and the kids have spent an inordinate amount of time on that thing. Best. Purchase. Ever.

Well, until yesterday when they decided to not zip up the enclosure, play while they were supposed to be cleaning up and Rory went flying right on through the the not-zipped enclosure. She grazed her cheek on the pole on the way out, landed flat on her back, but is just fine. Thank heavens.


Unfortunately (and not because of this incident) we're going to have to sell the trampoline because I'm pretty sure there's not a truck big enough (or a husband with enough patience to box it back up) to move it to Texas. Shhhh, because we haven't told the kids yet.


Amanda said…
I am so sorry she got hurt. Glad it was only a little scrape. Let me know if ya'll sell it because we may be interested in it. We have thought about getting one for the kids.
just make sure you set that money aside to re-buy it in Texas!! =) I know I know easier said than done!
Well I'm sure they are better off than when we were kids and there was no such thing as a netting! (I spent a huge amount of time on my friends and "the boys" that hung out w/ us constantly were always jumping off the roof onto the trampoline (and yes they flew numerous times into the trees around the trampoline!)
So glad Rory is ok!
I'm so glad she's okay! I've thought that our kids would love one but am a little chicken about making the purchase.
I'm so glad she's ok!!! Whew! I think a trampoline would be an amazing addition to our household (for my sanity alone). Unfortunately, in these parts, it's almost impossible to find homeowner's insurance then!

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