Not What We Planned

Instead of getting up early and driving to Oklahoma today, we got up really early and went to the ER where we spent most of the day. I had a CT scan, chest x-ray, and ultrasound. The official diagnosis is gallstones, although my liver enzymes are elevated so the ER doctor doesn't think it's quite as "simple" as that. He was unable to get in contact with my oncologist, so he sent me home with pain killers and strict instructions to return tomorrow morning. Our only option really is to have my gall bladder removed, but surgery while undergoing chemo is always a bit tricky because of a compromised immune system not to mention the fact that your body heals much more slowly. Oh, and the new drug I was supposed to start January 10 will have to be put on hold because of some of those serious side effects I mentioned previously. I kind of want to scream in frustration right now.

If you've read my blog for very long, you know how important our family get togethers are to us, and I am more sad than I can say to be missing out on Christmas with my family. Poor Brian has to break it to the kids, and they are going to be devastated. I am glad that this seems to be gallstones and not something cancer-related, but they hurt a whole lot! And not being able to travel is even worse.

I had a few Christmas related posts already scheduled and ready to go so I'm going to let those take over for the next few days. The pain killers are fairly effective as long as I don't move so I'm off to lay down and not move.


Joan B said…
Unfair with a capital "U"!!! Gallbladder surgery is relatively easy but that doesn't take into account cancer. I'm sorry.
Vicky said…
My heart is in my throat right now! I had my gallbladder out just a month before we were married. You are so right, it probably will have to come out. I left mine for awhile and by the time we took it out, it was filled with gangrene and I was lucky I wasn't septic. I'm sooo sorry. The pain from an attack can be excruciating and I pray your meds keep it at bay.

Hopefully they can do it laproscopically- the incisions are really small and that might aid in their healing...

I'm praying for "light enough" to see through the days ahead. Peace, love and comfort be with all of you!
I almost cried when I realized you didn't get to go to Becky's house. I know how much my sisters mean to me and see that same love between you and Becky. Please know that I am praying for you and your family. May God show favor to you all.
Brenna said…
Oh, bless your heart. I am so sorry you are hurting (I know ~ gallbladders hurt!) and that you weren't able to be with your family. Will be praying for you and everyone involved in caring for you. Hugs.
Oh Melissa. I am SO SORRY. I do know how special these gatherings are... and I feel horrible you aren't going to make it! Ugh! I'm so frustrated on your behalf!!! It's something worthy of screaming over... do it! it might make you feel better!
Karen said…
I'm soon sorry you had to miss the trip. Even sorrier it's due to pain. I hope those drugs keep doing their job while someone quickly decides what to do for you. Will keep praying!
Jill said…
Just saw Becky's FB post about missing you! So, so sorry to hear about this latest development. Praying God blesses you with an extra dose of comfort and peace.
Shelly said…
I'm SO sorry your family plans were ruined. I just feel sick with disappointment for you.... really praying they get this figured out quickly, so you can feel better soon! Prayers and hugs being sent your way.
koopdedoo said…
I'm sorry for your change in plans. My fingers are crossed for a quick and uneventful gallbladder surgery.

(my word verification is "unflu" - I guess that was your diagnosis!)
Mayme said…
I am so sorry! Gallbladders and appendixes...what good are they I always say! Spare parts:)

I know everyone is heartbroken over not getting to travel. At least you weren't on the road when the pain started...that would have been horrible.

Take those pills sister and call me if you need anything. I love you guys.
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry. We are praying here for the doctors to know the best route to take about your gallbladder. Pray you are feeling peace now about the change in plans.
Renee T. said…
Keeping you in my thoughts. :)
Cristina said…
I'm so sorry about the change of plans, and that you're in pain. :( Praying for you!
I would be devastated to not be able to be with my family at Christmas! I am so, so sorry!! I know it is also so very disappointing that this is going to alter your chemo schedule. I'm sorry.

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