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I've been seeing Favorite Things blog posts all over the big world wide web and decided that I needed to do one for myself. And since I'm home alone cuddled up on the couch in a post-chemo haze, it seems like a good day for it.

Moroccan oil - this is pricey, but fabulous for your hair (and one bottle lasts about 18 months). Makes your hair (if you have hair) shiny, healthier, and actually makes it dry more quickly. And, yes, I totally use this for Rory because I am one of those OCD mothers who blow dries her 5 year old's hair every. single. time. Her hair is quite thick and this helps us spend less time with the blow dryer. Plus it smells divine.

Naartjie - I love the style; they're soft cotton; and I love that they're sweet, unique, and age-appropriate clothes for little girls.

Amazing Grace by Philosophy - I'm kind of a big perfume fan and this scent has been on my wishlist for a long time. Birthday money combined with a Christmas sale and free shipping, and it now belongs to me. And it was worth the wait.

Fireside Marshmallow  - this is one of those scents that I didn't love until chemo; not only did my tastebuds change, but apparently my scent preferences as well. It's now one of my absolute favorites and I have candles and wall flowers in this scent all throughout the house.

Moka Pot - a fabulous way to make your morning coffee/espresso.And it's even better when your husband has it all ready to go for you when he wakes you up in the morning. Brian's kind of great like that.

DimSum/Kimchi Kids ornaments - We buy a new dated Christmas ornament each year for the kids, and this year we chose these adorable handmade Korean ornaments made by a ceramic artists Gerald and Kelly Hong, who also happen to be friends and fellow adoptive parents.

The Office - I recently started watching the first season online on Netflix and it's become part of my nightly routine: (1) take sleeping pill, (2) watch an episode of The Office on my iPad in bed, (3) try not to shake the bed too much as I silently laugh.

The Lilypad - has always been my favorite scrapping store and even more so now that I've been a part of their creative team for about a year. Not only do they have fantastic scrapping supplies, but they have been incredibly kind and generous to our family this year.

Twilight Fresh Face Flow - I received a sample tube of this recently, and I love it enough to possibly spend actual money on it. It's a moisturizer/primer that gives my skin a visible boost. You can wear under your make-up as a primer or just alone.

This cute pair of earrings from Etsy. Becky has a pair of these and I've borrowed them a couple of times so when there was a Black Friday sale, I snatched them up for myself.

Brookstone Body Bean - Brian bought this for me as a decoy after he shopped for my birthday boots, and it has been the best present ever. You plug it into the wall for 15 minutes and it stays hot for 4 hours. Perfect for my aching muscles after chemo as well as keeping my cold feet warm.

Trader Joe's - a recent discovery for me, but not only do they have seriously fun treats like Cocoa Almond butter, Candy Cane Joe Joe's, chocolate covered edamame beans (seriously!), but their products are preservative-free and organic. Their milk is cheaper than Wal-mart, and their fresh produce is not only organic and delicious, but very comparable in price to Wal-mart. 

Pomegranate, Argan, and Grapeseed from Crabtree and Evelyn - I just received this as an early Christmas gift from my friend Tina, and it is amazing. 

Kelly Ripa - I love her self-deprecating humor. She just makes me laugh.

Fancy Nancy books - if you have a little girl, she needs these books. They are clever, brilliantly illustrated, infused with fancy French words, and Rory loves them.

DVR - a recent splurge in our household, and I don't know how we've lived without it.

Jesus Calling - I know I've mentioned this here before, but it's a lovely daily devotional book.

iPad 2 - a serious, serious splurge, but so amazing. The morning after my big surgery back in March (in fact, I think it was the week the iPad 2 was released) Brian left the hospital to go to the Apple store and returned with the iPad.

And a few things that I don't actually own, but feel as if they would be my favorite things if I did. :)

I think this owl hat is the cutest thing ever. On my wish list although let's be honest. I'm probably never going to buy myself an owl hat.
owl hat


Devoted bracelet by Lisa Leonard - It's Lisa Leonard. Enough said.

Pitter Patter Art - a blogger/artist who is in the process of adopting. She does fabulous mixed art media/canvases. My friend Joy has a Korean adoption related canvas which I love, and the newest canvas that spoke to me is this one.


A Lola Epiphanie camera bag. I have a Jo Tote that I love, but now that I own the mother of all zoom lenses, I need something bigger.

Well, had no idea this post was going to morph into novel-length. Can't blame it on steroids today so we'll chalk it up to a pain-killer high. Happy Thursday, my friends.

(And don't go broke shopping now that I've linked you up to so many fun things.)


Joy said…
You have got to get the Pitter Patter Korean adoption canvas (Brian - hint, hint)! I love mine - Laura does such a great job. We have the kil sook print also. Sumner says its her favorite picture of her and Ellis - LOL. I've got to check out the Morroccan oil - I didn't know if it was worth the price or not. Thanks for sharing your list of favorite things - so much fun!!
Anonymous said…
Oh I loved reading your post...I always love to hear about people's favorite things...I hope I don't spend too much money! :)
Amy said…
I enjoyed this so much! You need to do one of these more often. And now I have quite a few items to add to my ever-growing wish list!! :)
Karen said…
You're like Oprah! We have similar ave things, too. That Philosohphy perfume is fabulous, even for days when you are just at home in sweats. I wear Inner Grace all the time!
I recently bought two kil sook prints.... The girl and boy in the airplane logo'd shirts!!! I should be receiving them anytime!
I love this post! Love!! Some of your faves are on my wish list and this did not help. Moka Pot?! I've asked for that for five occasions now... I wonder if this is the time I actually get it!?

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