A Girl With a Feather

I didn't pull the camera out too often yesterday, mostly because we were running a whole host of errands while still trying to keep it fun for Rory. (please ignore the bad and inconsistent white balance in these photos - they were taken in all sorts of light, none of which was ideal)

Starting the morning off with Miss Jennifer getting a feather in her hair. She wasn't excited at all as you can tell. Jennifer had chosen a sweet petite pink feather, but Rory wanted nothing to do with it. She had her mind made up that it was going to be the electric blue/purple feather.

Waiting for our lunch at McDougals. Yes, she chose the same place Brian and I ate at last week. She said they have the best dips and she wanted to eat outside. Funny. She only used ketchup yesterday.


Daddy and the birthday girl.


We were driving along when Brian slammed on the brakes and pulled over and said to take advantage of this cute door. Once again, not great lighting and I snapped 5 pictures in about 15 seconds so I didn't get to take full advantage, but we were on a schedule (not to mention Rory was convinced we were going to be arrested for trespassing).


Because I typically have chemo on Thursday, I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Thursday and today would be Friday. Woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. But it's Wednesday. On today's agenda is a Neulasta shot at the doctor's office and spending a few minutes with my friend Barbara who finishes up her 6 rounds of chemo today.


I love Brian for slamming on the brakes because he found a great backdrop!! Good job, Brian!

Hope you get into the swing of your new chemo routine soon. You are one tough mama.
KrisJ said…
SO CUTE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! CUTENESS! And ya the door is soo cool!
Joy said…
You're turning Brian into a great photographer! How awesome he spotted the beautiful door for a shoot.

I'm with Rory - the blue/purple feather rocks! : )
Annie B. said…
I especially LOVE the one where you are in the mirror taking her picture and she is super smiley!!!
Shelly said…
That is the most adorable thing, ever!!! And I love that she can still wear the hairbow with the feather! She's precious! Happy 5th Birthday! Why does it have to go SO fast?
(so late to this post...)

Can you give Brian a high five for me for the whole slamming on the brakes thing?! I love the feather... and her expression in the salon! So cute!
PS - the white balance isn't as bad as I think YOU think it is...

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