Chocolate Makes Everything Better

With the exception of the fatigue factor, yesterday was a pretty good day. Camden and Rory spent the day (and night and today) at Gram and Gramp's house so it was a quiet day to sleep, catch up on many emails and Facebook messages, and basically just spend the day camped out on the couch. I even found the energy to use the treadmill not once, but twice yesterday in between naps. 

I woke up this morning, however, feeling like a truck had just flattened me. On top of that I made the mistake of taking pain medicine (as well as a host of other fun pills) and not waiting for it to settle on my stomach before trying to get a few things done around here, and let's just say that was a mistake.

Despite the rough start to my Friday, I am looking forward to getting caught up on my photography class lessons today and then having a nice quiet evening with Brian and Rory. It will be just the 3 of us because Camden is going on his very first sleepover and is so excited. 

And my day just got a little brighter as this cute box of chocolates arrived on my front door courtesy of my friends Kari and Jenne. They're almost too pretty to eat. I made myself wait until I took a picture to dive in. There also might possibly have been a teal chocolate ribbon (as in the cancer symbol), but I didn't wait to take a picture of it before diving in. :)


I don't know what your 8 year old does outside, but mine can almost always be found digging in the driveway.

And one more quick one of Rory from Monday night. Yes, her hair is messy. I kind of like it. I also used a photo action, which I don't do too often, but I thought it was fun.


KrisJ said…
I AGREE!! Chocolate does make everything better even if its just for those few precious moments!
I lOVE that picture of Rory!
amazing photos.... It always reminds me to capture some of the simple moments aka camden in the driveway type photos!
Chocolate is like a miracle drug some days...

I love that last pic!

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