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Who is this guy?

Each year during VBS, the kids raise for money for a certain missionary/church/cause, etc. This year's project was Clearview Church (our new church in Texas), and we raised $1,200. Brian promised if they raised $500, he would paint his head like the Texas state flag. Do not ask me where he gets these ideas. So today was the Sunday he headed to church looking like this. By the way, if you want to see our page, click here.

I know I haven't talked about Texas or our work there much on the blog. It is mostly because just as we were gearing up for moving, changing jobs, etc., I was diagnosed with cancer and so our plans to move to Texas have felt kind of like a distant dream. Our plan is still to move to Texas and be a part of the church plant outside Dallas, but not until Summer 2012. Brian has been very busy this summer building the website and working with Randall (our pastor) to plan preview services gearing up for our launch this fall. Today in Texas they are holding a commissi…

2011 Project 365, Week 27, 28, 29, 30


Friday Photo Dump

I'm sorry. Who is this slim, elegant girl?
Oh, wait. There's my 4 year old!
This is perfect Camden.

And I don't know what she thinks she's going to get with this fake pout, but I'm not buying it.
Okay, actually I might fall for it cause she's too darn cute.
All together now, "Awwwwww."
Don't you wish you knew what project poor Brian got pulled into with this?
And how much fun are these 2 having? They have spent HOURS in this little slide and pool over the summer.

Camden says it looks like he's nibbling her shoulder.
And I couldn't resist a picture of the pose.
Aren't you glad to be all caught up? I feel better anyway.

Round 4 Wrap-up

Typically on this Thursday, day 9 of my cycle, I would be back in the chemo room getting 4 liters of chemo and fluid pumped into my stomach. I would have spent the last 7 days miserable and would be looking forward to another 5-7 days of misery.
But with this new treatment schedule, I'm at home not looking at chemo again until August 11. And I cannot tell you how comforting that is. While Round 4 hasn't exactly been the piece of cake I was hoping for, the silver lining is that I have 14 days until I go back. I am really looking forward to this break. Honestly, I am not sure that I would have the mental fortitude to do anything but curl up in a ball on my bed if I were still on the old program. Round 3 was so difficult with the extra hospital stays, surgery, and infections. The only break I managed in that 4 weeks was cooking supper 2 nights in a row and a date day (which was fabulous).
But with this new program, I should have some good days. In fact, I was able to enjoy lunch w…


When we caved to two years of pressure from the kids to buy a trampoline (it was a combo birthday gift for both of them), I knew I wanted to buy a small gift for each kid so they'd have something to open from us on their birthday. We decided that Star Wars, toys, etc. were being covered by the rest of the family and I thought that an age-appropriate game would be a good choice. Prior to cancer, Thursdays were game night and it's something we can all do together and enjoy. Fast forward to our Target shopping trip and the two parental units in the family were not quite agreeing on what was an appropriate game for Camden's birthday gift. Brian wanted some crazy war strategy game, and I wanted something fun but with an academic benefit. In the interest of keeping the peace, I finally suggested Twister. Brian wasn't quite on board but in the interest of keeping his own peace (and ending the shopping trip sooner rather than later), he gave in.
Saturday night we pulled it out …

Measure Me, Mama

I'm far enough behind in blogging that I feel like I don't know where to pick up. Prepare for a long post with too many pictures soon.
Camden and Rory's current favorite thing is to measure themselves. They've both grown so much the past several months, and they like nothing better than to show off. Do you see how big this boy is? He keeps asking me if I've gotten smaller, but the truth is - he's growing much too fast! The other day Brian told Camden to get off the stool so he could fix his hair . . . . except Camden wasn't on a stool!

We took these Friday while I was still on a steroid high and chemo side effects hadn't hit quite yet. It's the first time I've worn a hat, and I felt much more conspicuous in a hat than a scarf, but all the nurses and office staff seemed to like it so maybe I'll wear it more often.

Thousand Gifts 417-435

My Monday morning started off much the same as Sunday - bright and early with Rory (yes, the 6:00 a.m. wake times continue). She loves to be my hairstylist (that's kind of on hold for a while) or give me a pedicure, etc. And since my feet are killing me these days from chemo and other medicine side effects, I was more than happy to let her spend an hour (oh, yes, a whole hour) rubbing my feet and legs. She had the best time chatting with me and pretending to be McKenzie with a 6 year old daughter. And the best part is, she  has no idea I got the best part of this deal. :) And I apologize for my feet making yet another appearance on the blog. 
By the way, does her new shorter hair look cute or what!

417. Google Reader 418. being cleared for chemo 419. date day 420. lunch at P.F. Chang's 421. watching Camden and Rory thoroughly enjoy their new kittens 422. a new red shirt 423. completing round #4 424. my camera (fairly certain I've been thankful for this before, but it can't be …

Sunday Snuggles

Rory's been waking up at 6:00 each morning (whether she goes to bed at 7:30 or 9:30 the previous night) and generally we make her stay in her room until 7:00, but this morning I let her get up and we snuggled on the couch for an hour. It was delicious.

A New Day

While I was at chemo yesterday, the kids were having a fun-filled day with one of Brian's friends and co-workers. In Tennessee, the first 3 years of teaching, you're only granted an apprentice license and you must have a mentor. Janelle has been Brian's friend and mentor for the last 3 years (in two different schools), and she gave Camden and Rory and very exciting day. She picked them up bright and early at 7:20, fed them sugary cereal for breakfast and even let Rory pick out just the marshmallows to eat from the Lucky Charms. They then had a long swimming session where Rory joyfully jumped off the diving board over and over. Camden managed to jump off twice, which is shocking considering his fear of water. Janelle says he knows how to swim, he just doesn't want to. Busted, buddy!! Next on the agenda was Chucky Cheese. Three words: Glutton For Punishment. They came home full of stories and had a blast!
Here's my schedule for last night. 11:30 p.m. - finally put do…

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Bad and Ugly:
Had my 4th round of chemo today. As has happened with each treatment, the side effects start hitting a little earlier each time. This was the first chemo day that I didn't leave encouraged.
Most of the reason for my discouragement is the fact that I learned today that only 20% of ovarian cancer patients do not experience a recurrence. That means there's an 80% chance my cancer will return. That is not encouraging. Anyone else not feel encouraged by that? As Becky says, cancer is a beast.
My blood pressure was 160 over 98 today, which is a little scary.
My CA 125 level was up to 40 and is now back to 27.3. I probably should be happy with that, but they want it closer to the 6-12 range and mine is not there even though my other chemo patient friend's levels are totally there.
I seriously considered posting pictures of my stomach to share my 12 inch scar, the two open holes, the scar from my laparoscopic surgery, my red and chaffing skin from all the adhesive, …

Who loves cats?

Way back when (as in probably 4 years ago), Camden had a kitten named Ruby. I can't really remember how we acquired Ruby, but Camden loved that kitten. Ruby met an unfortunate demise as a result of living in the country with big dogs around. And by "around" I don't mean close by, but just roaming dogs because we do live in the country and they've never heard of leashes around here. He's spent the last 4 years begging for another pet, and we've put him off mostly because we still live in the same place and there are still roaming dogs, not to mention the busy road. However, we surprised the kiddos at lunch yesterday and told them we were going to pick up not one, but two kittens. Brian made the intelligent (snort) choice of asking for two females because "they'll make better pets." They also make lots of babies.
These kids are in pet heaven. It is seriously the cutest thing you've ever seen. We are quickly discovering, however, that Rory&…

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, totally not wordless because these pictures wouldn't be as fun without her words.
"Awesome! I totally look like I don't have hair. . . just like you!"

And, yes, she's wearing lipstick yet again. Can't say I blame her. I don't like to be without lipstick myself.

Tuesday's Tidbits

Harry Potter was every bit as awesome as I expected. Seriously did not disappoint.
Rory says she "loves my medicine - there's SO much color, mama!"
I love watching the kids play on the new death trap (a.k.a. trampoline) out in the front yard. They spend most of their time, not jumping, but running in circles, playing karate, or bouncing water bottles up and down.

Camden and Rory just might be pet owners by the end of this day. More to come on that topic.

On our kid-free day yesterday, we went to Gymboree so I could spend my Gymbucks. My total started at $105.39, but after I applied my 2 Gymbucks and $40 in rewards, my total was $15.39. And by the way, that $15.39 total included: 3 pairs of shorts and 3 shirts for Camden; 1 dress, 2 pairs of underwear, 2 shirts, 1 pair of capris, and 1 pair of shorts for Rory. I felt like an extreme couponer.

Aunt Liz kept Camden and Rory for us while we had doctor's appointments and date day. They started out at Krispy Kreme where Ca…

And He's 8

Saturday we celebrated Camden's 8th birthday. He looks huge, right? Not sure how it happened, but he's certainly grown into a big boy, and I can't seem to stop time. (Oh, and Brian is totally responsible for this slicked back hairstyle.)

This totally cracked me up. He was SO excited about his birthday, and went and made this little sign to hang in the living room. He said his birthday wish was to have me home, but I am fairly certain it was only because he was worried there would be no cake, presents, and party if I were still in the hospital.
Excited about his first gift card.
My parents took Rory shopping to let her pick out some things for Camden, and he immediately came over and hugged her. Wish I had the camera settings right, but it's still sweet, right?
Aunt Liz kept teasing Camden that this party was for her also since we missed her birthday last month. Rory played along and took Liz one of his presents.
And still teasing - Aunt Liz wrapped up The Help for Camden so…