More Snow

We started out Monday with cold, gray, rainy weather. At 11:00 the rain turned to enormous snowflakes and they fell hard and fast. Brian came home from school early and it quickly became clear that this was not exactly the "up to 1/2 inch" they had predicted. We ended up with about 4 inches and some crazy road conditions so we're holed up today with hot coffee, energetic kids, and probably not as much patience as we need. :)

I took this from our front door because it was still snowing hard enough that I didn't want to get the camera wet. Notice the road behind them. That is frozen solid this morning.

Dani Mogstad: I Love Snow



Amanda said…
Awesome snowman! It was crazy yesterday, wasn't it? I couldn't believe how fast and came and started piling up!
Oh wow! That's crazy. I giggled when I read the front door part... I've considered buying a waterproof bag for my camera after this winter.
Anonymous said…
Now that's a snowman! Wonder who helped?!
Gma E.

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