Thankful Thursday

Thankful for the dramatic improvement we've seen in Camden over the 6-8 weeks. He is doing so much better in the self-control department and has been a joy to be around. We are very proud of him!

He's also pretty darn funny.

Exhibit A: An animal got into our trash and when Camden saw the yard he exclaimed, "look at all this litterage!"

Exhibit B: Last night on American Idol when William Hung joined the Pants on the Ground guy, Camden said, "I can't take all this coolness. His hat is the best!" And he was completely serious. Side note: we decided several years ago not to let him watch the audition portion of American Idol because I didn't want him learning how to make fun of people. Apparently, that strategy is working out okay. :)

Thankful for her mischievous smile, infectious giggle, and the twinkle in her eye. She makes life so much fun! I'm also very thankful to hear, "Mama, I willy, willy love you." more times in a day than I can count.

And there's no picture to illustrate this one, but VERY grateful Brian only has one more day of school until August!


Stop with all these amazing photos!!! ;-)
Elizabeth Frick said…
Adorable kiddos. And I love that you don't let them watch the audition scenes of AI. We try very hard to keep sarcasm and meanness out of Olive's life. Go, mama!
Amanda said…
Beautiful pictures and hooray for Brian being out of school, almost. I am really going to miss the summers with Barry this year.
I agree w/ always amazingly crisp photos (why don't you live closer so you could teach me?)
and You are such a great parent... Heck I never even thought about the auditions quite that way! Way to go mom and dad!

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