Happy Mother's Day

I think this might be my favorite Mother's Day yet simply because Camden was so precious. He has been a daddy's boy for a very long time, but today he was just extra sweet to me all day long. From the card with pictures of butterflies and grass he picked out because the "words were perfect" and "because Mommy really likes nature" (what??) to the book of pictures he drew me to the little crafty brooch he made at school with the glittery purple heart (on top of the orange buttons) that he was so proud to give me. Thanks to his teacher who told the class that she wore her brooch every single Mother's Day, I may be wearing that thing for a very long time. And believe me, this is the first time I've had to gotten to wear jewelry in public made by a 6 year old.

After church this morning, we snapped a quick picture, had lunch, took naps, and then headed to the park. Brian told the kids that they had to do whatever I said because it was Mother's Day so I tried to sneak in some pictures. Camden's turned out great although the rest of the day's pictures are not going to win any awards. :)

Honestly, when did he get so big?

Yes, they're wearing coordinating I Love Chicago Bulls shirts. I could not resist when I saw these at Old Navy. I cannot even describe the amount of love I had for Michael Jordan and the Bulls during my childhood years, and I know my family is cracking up at these.

The park trip did not start out well.

My fearless child.

My fearful child.

Playing on the United States map at the park.

Racing back to the car

Just one more game of tag.
Oh, and I can't forget to mention that not only did Brian clean the entire house for me on Saturday, but he surprised me with a cute little coupon this morning letting me know that I could order a new lens for my camera! (He could have stopped at the clean house and I would have been ecstatic, but let's not tell him that.)


Elizabeth Frick said…
Wahoo for a good day AND a new lens!!! Love the "fearless" and "fearful" child shots. Your kids have the greatest expressions!
Your kids are so frigid' adorable!! And Camden?! To sweet for words! (I wonder if he meant pictures of nature? Like on scrapped pages?)

So... What lens are you get?!
Joy said…
LOVE, LOVE the photos!!! (And Rory's sweet haircut!) So very jealous about the new lens... : )

Glad you had a great Mother's Day!
Amanda said…
So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Congrats on the new lens. You gotta let me know which one you buy.
Amy said…
Glad you had such a special Mother's Day. All of the pictures are good but I especially love the first one of the 3 of you!
Krista said…
Happy Mother's Day! Sounds fabulous - and LOVE the groovy new brooch - purple and orage do go with everything.

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