Win #4

After a losing streak, Camden's team won their game last night 23-14. The best news is that Camden had 2 home runs. It was kind of a crazy game, although the games are always a bit crazy with a field full of 4-6 year olds. Last night, as Brian put it, they all acted as if they were off their ADHD meds. At one point, I heard our coach say, "just stay dressed, dude." In fact, they were all so hyper that the coach made them run laps after the game. And you know it's bad if he punishes them because this is the coach who generally has the patience of a SAINT.

On today's agenda: house, Rory, laundry, Rory, etc.

A few pages from last week:

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Amanda said…
Way to go Camden!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Hmm... full moon maybe?
Joy said…
Go Camden!!

Our game was the same way - crazy!! Was it a full moon last night? We've never seen the kids so wound up!
hahaha! that sounds like one "interesting" game. But, go Camden!!

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