The Great Outdoors

Camden is on spring break this week and Brian was out of school yesterday so we decided to go on a little outing. Actually, I think this was my idea which is pretty surprising since it involved outdoors and a bit of hiking - two things I typically try to avoid at all costs. It's a 1.3 mile hike to the picnic table and eagle look out which doesn't seem like a long walk unless you've got a 3 year old with you who is begging for a stroller. It was also 87 (which tied the record for warmest day ever on April 5) and the first day of real humidity and the walk was in full sun so it was a bit more unpleasant than we had hoped for, but Camden and Brian had a blast. Rory and I, who apparently wilt in the sun, were just a tad miserable at times. Here's the trip in pictures.

Notice Camden's protective hand in front of Rory? There was a bee in front of them and he was trying to keep her from running into it.

This adventurous, run-ahead spirit did not last long.

Checking out the orange and black salamanders in the cellar

They were not about to let me take a decent picture

Oh, yes, she wanted to be carried. See how red and sweaty her face is already - this is about 1/2 mile into the walk. Notice how red and sweaty my face is?

Hmmm, this feels a little familiar.

Yet another snake! And this time Camden almost stepped on it and Brian thinks it was a rattle snake (based on the crazy rattling and how aggressive it was after almost being stepped on). We're so grateful he did not get bitten. Let's just say my trip was officially ruined at this point. Heat + sweat + lugging a 26 lb 3-year old around + SNAKES = not my idea of fun.

The view from the picnic area.

She was quite happy to reach the picnic table and eat "wunch."

How do these darn things work?

No idea why this trip seemed like a good opportunity to take a quick picture to show mom and Becky my new haircut.

The not-so-great family picture after lunch.

Hitching a ride on the way back.

Next time we're looking for a family activity I vote for the zoo where the snakes are in cages. Actually, I'd prefer to just go see a movie and eat popcorn.


Mayme said…
That looks like a Copperhead and ugh girl.........Glad you survived your fun day without injury, snakebite, nervous breakdown, etc..
What is it with you and snakes lately?! They seem drawn to you or something!

And, I gotta say, I need to know your hairstyling secrets if it looks that good after a hike in that heat and humidity!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Love the hair cut! I think it's a great family photo!!! And yeah... I'd be with you and Rory - so NOT into the heat, humidity, snakes, dirt, whatever. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a bit of a priss.
Oh, and I love Camden's protective hand. too cute.
I know why you didn't enjoy it... YOU LOOK WAY TOO NICE for a hike!
=) Looks like fun and I look forward to NO rain here in Oregon to start taking more walks/hikes!
Karen said…
LOVE the new haircut!! And you're a girl after my own heart... wearing Lisa Leonard jewelry on a hike! Nice!

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