Still Sick

Rory and I spent yesterday being couch potatoes. Actually, I had no choice - she wouldn't move out of my lap and was burning up with fever which leads to lots of crying (and the couch + TV + books is the only way to stay sane). Last night was pretty much a repeat of Tuesday night, which means VERY little sleep. We're headed to see Dr. H today. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but I couldn't tell you how many times the kids have acted as if they're deathly ill, fevers, hacking up a lung, etc. and the moment we step into the doctor's office, they're all smiles and fevers magically disappear. We LOVE our pediatrician, but every time we have to make a trip, I wish his office weren't nearly an hour away. He's worth it, but it's very inconvenient.

Camden had a good first day back to school. Brian was actually home again yesterday and volunteered to hit up the grocery store for me. I think when he got there and realized it was senior citizen day, he was not so happy. :)
my sick girl

And because this post has been depressing, how about pictures from happier times over the weekend!


Oh no!! I hope she feels better soon!
Joy said…
Hope Rory is better soon! Too bad we can't meet up since you will be so close. We have to see Dr. H in the a.m. too - for 2nd round flu shots. But it's a 10 minute drive for us. :) Thanks again for recommending him! He's great!
Unknown said…
oh, I hope she feels better soon, poor girl... we've had the sickies here this week too and lots of TV, laying on the couch and reading books.
Elizabeth Frick said…
We feel your pain, hon. It STINKS!!! Get better soon, y'all.
KrisJ said…
Poor little lady! And YES everytime we finally go to the Dr they are magically better! Which means YEAH Rory will be all better today! lol

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