Our Week

A few things about the week:

This might be my favorite Olympics ever. So many wonderful performances, great rivalries, and lots of heartwarming stories. It was only made better by having Becky with me for part of it and we laughed, cried, and cheered together - totally made the Olympic experience even more enjoyable. Whatever will I do with myself next week without having 4 hours of Olympic viewing to look forward to every night?

"It's going to be boring around here, I can tell you that much." from Camden as the boys were leaving. And then the tears started rolling down his cheeks. So sweet.

"When Rory's a big girl, will she have a real voice?" from William/Xavier (can't really remember which). If you could hear
their voices, you'd know this is like the pot calling the kettle black. :)

Camden slept during naptime every single day at school. Slept completely through snack time twice. If you knew how little he actually sleeps during naptime, then you'd realize how exhausted he must have been from all the playing with cousins.

I'd like to say that Becky and I took tons of pictures, but it was very cloudy and gloomy and the boys/Camden/Rory were much too busy to stop for pictures.

This was Brian's first full week of school in forever (hurray for no more snow days), and it was a tough one. To top if off he's managed to come down with a cold/sinus infection and does not feel well. I guess his typical one dose of Nyquil is not going to get him through this time.


Krista said…
What a great week! We have Olympic fever too... obviously! Hope you have another good one!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Hurray for exhausting cousins! :)
What a great pic of your two adorable kids!
Wow - what a busy week you had... how did you survive the late nights and the visitors all at once?! Coffee?! Lots of it?! You are my hero!

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