• Rory is still sick, but her fever comes and goes so I know she's improving. Her cough, however, is still horrific and she is not eating or sleeping. Well, her sleep has improved slightly - she's now only waking up every hour instead of every 20 minutes. Not enough improvement! We're practically living in the bathroom running hot water so the steam will help her breathing.
  • Camden is off school today. I may have to send him outside running laps around the house in the cold weather to help him burn off energy. Yes, we really do this sometimes.
  • I'm officially no longer a football fan. First Kurt Warner lost; then Brett Favre; now Peyton Manning. Apparently, I'm incapable of picking a winner, and I'm not a big fan of losing.
  • I'm exhausted from being up with Rory all night 6 nights straight. And I've managed to pick up a sore throat and cold.
  • Brian has been such a big help this week. He's cleaned house, cooked, and taken very good care of all of us.
  • Here are two layouts from pre-RSV days. Hopefully, I'll have time to scrap again soon.
Gina Miller February BYOC at The Lilypad
Align Center

Mari Koegelenburg I Luv U from The Digi Files #12


That layout of Camden totally makes me want to get scrapping... must. find. time.

Hope things continue to look up!
Elizabeth Frick said…
keep getting better, y'all!
i had to laugh at your having Camden run laps around the house... I did that when I was younger and babysitting two particularly insane children. they had soooooo much energy, I just had to do something. so, they ran laps!
Mayme said…
Hope things are on the mend. Camden gave me the complete rundown yesterday at church:)
Krista said…
Sounds like you are having a real rough time - feel better everyone!
Maria said…
Thought I was the only person who made my son run around the house to burn energy!! Glad to know ... Hope Rory and her sleep improve MUCH!!

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