So far this week . . .

  • I have traumatized Rory by taking her through the automatic car wash (imagine how dirty our car was if this was the first time she's been through one). She sobbed and sobbed, "get me outta here" and "I just wanna go home." When we finally finished, she said, "pleeeaaasse don't ever wash the car again." I tried to be compassionate, but mostly I was hiding a smile.
  • Camden informed us he was going on a date with Renya (a girl from his class) at 9:00 on Saturday. Apparently, she asked him to go to Opry Mills mall with her, but he thought Chucky Cheese would be more fun and "at least one adult will go with us, of course." He also informed me on the way to school this morning that way back in K-4, there were actually 2 girls he liked. I'm sorry, when did he turn 16?
  • In about 48 hours time, we've had buckets of rain, 60 degree weather, a tornado, 30 degree weather, snow, lots of wind. Yep, it's January in Tennessee.
  • It's homecoming week at school and Camden had "Mix and Match Day yesterday. It's kinda hard to mix and match with khaki pants so he wore two different socks and two different shoes. He was so excited about it, but right before we left for school, he stopped me and said, "are you SURE today is Mix and Match Day?"
  • I just had my first meal (a sandwich) since Saturday night. Thank heavens I'm feeling better!

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Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh, man. Your kids crack me up!
Christy said…
Great blog! You mentioned it on AKC so I decided to check it out. Great job!
I also wanted to share that when my daughter first went through a car wash (probably around 2) she screamed and cried, you would think we were torturing her. We felt bad for her but were trying not to laugh. My son kept telling her it's fun (he's always loved car washes). Haven't been since - probably time...
OK, our boys need to meet at some point... Too funny that Camden!
joelsgirl said…
Those stories made me giggle!
KrisJ said…
That is to funny!! Malia was scared the first few times... with all of our snow I have to wash the car a lot though so shes over it now!
so I want to see this photo along with one when she is 15-17... say a before and after shot LOL (I bet they are pretty close to the same)
amson said…
You have such wonderful photos on your blog.
M :-) said…
My three scream and shake whenever we go through the car wash. I thought they would love it (I did as a kid) but they are TERRIFIED! LOL!

Camden cracks me up!

I'm glad you're feeling better!
Krista said…
I can see why the car wash would be scary...
Dates? How old is Camden? So are you going to CC?
A tornado? In January? That is reason enough not to move to Tennessee.
Glad you are feeling better!

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