The kiddos (and this big kid) had a rough time waking up this morning, but hopefully the drowsiness will wear off soon. Camden was smiling when I dropped him off at school, and despite crying when she realized Camden would be going to school today, Rory is happily watching Dora for a few minutes while I blog then put the treadmill to good use.

Brian was off school, but was gone and working most of the day at his second job (a.k.a. church). Rory seemed to be craving some one on one time so we spent much of the day working on puzzles, reading books, etc. She's been begging me to paint her nails and toenails so we did that, and she was just shaking with excitement and did not want to wear shoes or socks the rest of the day because it covered up her toenails. And the first two things she said to me this morning were (1) I couldn't see my pretty nails in the dark and (2) can we paint your nails so they'll be pretty like mine?

Brian took Rory to gymnastics last night and she informed me as they were heading out the door, "my daddy doesn't make me listen to my teacher." No wonder she likes for him to take her. :)

Anyone else excited American Idol starts tonight? Combined with Chuck, a new season of Project Runway Thursday, and 24 starting on Sunday, this is a good TV week!

Kaye Winiecki/Cori Gammon: Christmas Wonder

Lauren Grier: That Love Thing


Elizabeth Frick said…
love the nail polish obsession. just waiting for O to get into that one :)
I'm trying to *patiently* wait for my hubby to return from travel to watch Chuck... we'll see. :-)

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