New Years Eve already?

Anyone else in complete disbelief that it's the last day of 2009? Time seems to be flying around here. Because we're old and have 2 kids, there are no fun plans for tonight other than homemade potato/broccoli soup and game night with Camden and Rory. Hope your New Year's Eve is at least as exciting as ours! :)

Shabby Princess: Clementine

Sahlin Studio: Giving Thanks


Amanda said…
LOts of the same on our News Year Eve also but I am so excited to just be home and relax. We will probably pig out on junk food to end the this year with a bang LOL!

Elizabeth Frick said…
THANK YOU! Finally, someone like us who is doing nothing different tonight. It's nice to have company in our lameness. ;)
Linda said…
Since your becoming a football fan. Big game tonight Tennessee vs Virginia Tech 6:30 ESPN. Go Big Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!

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