More Snow Pics

We did not quite manage to cross everything off our "to do" list yesterday (translated: nothing), but Brian and Camden did manage to get in some squirrel hunting (check out Brian's blog for a cute video) and we saw The Princess and the Frog. It was a seriously cute movie and my new favorite Disney story. In case you're interested, here are our favorite parts. Melissa - music; Brian - the lightning bug; Camden - the popcorn; Rory - the bad guy. :)

Because of yesterday's laziness, we're not stuck with unpacking, cleaning and laundry today and to be honest, we're all 4 a bit cranky - must be vacation hangover. Hopefully, we'll all snap out of it soon.

maybe my favorite picture of the week

or maybe this one is

our back door view at my parent's house

I think she's having fun

him, too


Amanda said…
You snow pictures are so good! I am kinda jealous that you got to see that much snow. Congrats on the new team and maybe we can get together the week the kids go back to school. I could do Monday-Wednesday. Just let me know!

I also have pics of Camden from the party but I didn't do a very good job. I will try to get them ready this week and sent to you.
Anonymous said…
I think I'm having grandkid withdrawal--I miss you all!
Elizabeth Frick said…
So cute! I love the one of both of them.
Anonymous said…
Ooooo...the snow looks so pretty. I'm glad the kids had a chance to enjoy it. Great pictures!


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