Creative Correction

I've been rereading Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel, and one of the suggestions it gives is to ask your child to state one positive thing about the other child when he tattles or is negative. Since school began, Camden has been much more negative with Rory complaining about everything she does, saying she's just a baby, etc. So yesterday, every time Camden complained that Rory says "batmaam" instead of Batman, or that she was looking at him (oh, the horror!), etc. I asked him to tell me one thing he loves about Rory. Not sure yet if it's going to be effective, but it definitely annoying him so I hope it will make him stop and think a little before he opens his mouth. I know that there will always be sibling rivalry and discord, but one of my goals as a parent is for the two of them to be respectful with each other. They don't have to be best friends, but they do have to treat each other with kindness. I'm finding the book to be very helpful - I've read it before, but it was pre-Rory and as we all know, 2 kids makes a big difference in your parenting life and style!

I'm working this morning so Rory is headed to Gram and Gramp's house while Camden goes to school so it's a busy morning. They're not going to be happy campers when I get them up a little earlier than usual!

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Bekah said…
I really like this idea of saying something nice! BTW...I read your post yesterday about some of the funny things Rory has been saying. I started to giggle out of nowhere remembering the one to the of effect of, "What smells like poop?" She's absolutely hilarious & I definitely needed that thank you!

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