Not enough sleep!

Not much to say today because I'm too tired. Only 3.5 hours of sleep 4 nights in a row just isn't enough.

We have nothing planned for the weekend except for dinner tonight, which I'm quite excited about. One of the hazards of going down to one income is very few meals out so I'm happy to not be cooking for once. Otherwise, I think we're home all weekend.

Dani Mogstad: Sweet November
(available at SSD tomorrow)

Julie Billingsley/Heather Rosselli: Trail Mix
(available at SSD tomorrow)


Love the new layouts! Can't wait to see everything being put up tomorrow (have you got a sneak peak at the site itself yet?)

ahh not enough sleep! I know that!

and yeah for eating out! We might go out tonight too! (Red Robin)
Anonymous said…
Love the scrapbook pages! and that DEFINITELY is not enough sleep...feeling for you, here!

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