Weekend Rundown

Saturday, Camden and Rory stayed with Gram and Gramps for a couple of hours while Brian and I ran some errands (a.k.a. birthday shopping for Camden). We also made a trip to Gap and got some really good deals for Camden to wear next year, and also school clothes for Brian (who knew I'd be shopping for "school" clothes for my husband!). He got two pairs of pants for less than $8 and another pair for $14, as well as a couple of cheap polos. Pretty good deals!

Camden and Rory spent some time on the golf cart with Gramps.

And eating an ice cream cone after supper.

We celebrated Camden's 5th birthday yesterday with pizza, ice cream and cake. He was quite excited to have a day in his honor.

And his favorite gift by far was the B.B. gun Brian was positive that he needed. Although I will say, that the gummy words and hand sanitizer Grandma and Grandpa included in his very own tackle box came in at a close second.

Brian is at the doctor's office this morning for some sort of ear problem. His ear canal is swollen shut, he's got two knots on his neck below his ear, he's running a fever and in lots of pain. Hopefully he can get some medication that will take care of it. He's also meeting all the teachers at his new school today for lunch.

World War III has broken out in my house while I've been writing this blog post. Camden got out his Thomas the Train track and train paraphernalia, and is desperately trying to keep Rory to not touch anything. She, on the other hand, seems more interested in throwing the train pieces she manages to get her hands on into the trash. I guess I should go mediate. Oh, and the noise level is even higher than usual because Camden is using his new train whistle he got for his birthday not only for sound effects to his train, but also to get Rory's attention. Nice.


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