It's Wednesday Already

It's 8:57. I've changed 2 dirty diapers, 1 regular diaper, been to the grocery store, fed the kids breakfast, broken up 2 fights, "saved" Camden's current favorite toy from Rory's destructive nature, and dealt with another infamous Camden temper tantrum. Can I take the rest of the day off?

Doesn't 2 adults for 5 kids sound like a good ratio? Yeah, I thought so too, but the playdate yesterday was B.U.S.Y. They were all so good and had a great time, but with two strollers and then 3 kids running wild through Target and the mall, they kept us on our toes! We even dared to take them into Gymboree and the Disney store. I left the house yesterday at 9:00 and didn't get home until 4:15. We missed naptime, so you can imagine how exciting our evening was! LOL

We have no plans today other than VBS for Camden tonight and church for the rest of us. Brian is at another in-service day. I think he's getting more stressed out as each day passes. He actually spent last night reading through a big 3-ring binder on classroom management!

A funny Camden story. I ran through the bank drive-through last night, and the teller gave me 2 suckers for Camden and Rory. As we drove away, Camden said, "I knew if we kept looking at the lady with our smile face on, we'd get suckers."

Lili/Kate Hadfield Circle of Friends collab


omg Camden... I think that is the cutest thing ever to say!!! I want to see that "quote" of his on a layout!!! =)

I love reading your "stories"
"Out of the mouths of babes" as they say - huh?! That Camden "cracks me silly" as my 4-y-o neighbor says!
Lindsey Carney said…
Hello, I just wanted to leave you a comment and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. My name is Lindsey Carney and my husband Jason and I are adopting from Russia. Matter of fact we just received our official referral yesterday and we are beyond excited. We are good friends with Gyle and Shelly Head (love them) and we go to church with Jon and Carrie Forrest so we've heard great stuff about you guys from them, well, you know those Forrest's they told us all the bad stuff :) Just Joking, they are great!! If you get a chance our blog is Thanks for the great posts and your children are adorable!

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