I started not to post today since I have nothing interesting to say - tracking down our immigration paperwork pretty much consumes our every thought and doesn't leave room for much else, but thought there might be someone actually following the saga so here it is. (I'm actually watching Pirates 3 right now, but it's boring me to tears and Brian is snoring away on the couch.)

No I600 today, but our caseworker did agree to contact the immigration office on Monday and try to inquire about it for us. I also contacted our senator's office, and they're going to look into it Monday as well. The lady I talked to said they've had many complaints about this office lately. Hopefully, our caseworker and the senator's office investigating into our case will get things moving. We probably would not be as proactive in this if we didn't have friends who recently have gone through a nightmare experience with the same immigration office, and I have no intention of letting that happen to us. And since it did happen to them, it helps us be more on top of things and know what to watch for. We're at 16 weeks since referral. We waited 18 weeks for Camden, which is quite a bit longer than the average, but unless there is some kind of miracle, we'll be waiting longer than that for Rory.

I'm still sick - lost my voice almost completely today, but I'm hopeful that I'll be feeling better tomorrow. Camden had a good day at school. He came home full of energy and played hard tonight. It was so funny - he's really into pirates these days, and I have no idea where he's even seen pirates (we waited until he was in bed to start the movie!). He is definitely all boy - playing pirates, soldier, football, etc. Well, all boy except for the fact that he's fascinated with The Food Network and cooking shows. He loves to watch them!


skylark knits said…
well, i am following what is going on for sure! i keep hoping that today will be the day you post that you had a good mail day. i'm sure it is beyond hard to continue to wait. so hard when it is out of your hands.

hope that you can rest this weekend and get better! there is so much junk going around right now.

my boys are starting to get into pirates, too! i guess with three boys in our house it was bound to happen. :)

have a great night!
M :-) said…
I'm praying that today is your good mail day. (((Hugs))) You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. We went through the referral wait together, and my heart is aching that you are still waiting to bring you sweet little girl home. (((hugs)))

Camden sounds so much like Noah. Noah is all boy, but *LOVES* watching Paula Deen!

I hope you're feeling better today.
I'm surprised you haven't got your I600 already. It's really good that you are lighting some fires under the immigration office--such a pain, isn't it? I will pray you get some good mail this week! Can't wait to see the Lord answer our prayers. :D ~Jen (jeninoregon)

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