Finally Friday!

This has been a long week! Camden has been cranky since going back to school. Brian's been exhausted. I haven't been sleeping. No word or news on Rory or our immigration paperwork. In some ways it feels as if time is standing still, but I know that isn't true. Today marks 5 weeks waiting for immigration. If the 10 week time frame is true, then we're half way through. I'm trying to look at that as a positive thing.

I woke up this morning at 9:04! Can you believe that? I seriously think it might have been college since I slept that late. Of course I was up until 2:00. With the exception of Tuesday night, the last 5 nights have been rough. I just cannot sleep. Maybe this week will be better.

I went to Old Navy this morning and had a blast shopping. Their annual fall/winter sale started today - extra 50% off all clearance, and I bought a ton of things. The most I spent for anything was $8 for a winter coat for Camden for next year. I bought him jeans for $3.49. The most expensive thing I bought for Rory was a dress for $4.24. Can you believe that? I came home with three shopping bags FULL. Retail therapy is always good (and I've had quite a bit this week).

My sugar-free week went well. There were definite moments of temptation, but not too bad. With the exception of one day that I had half sugar/half sweet-n-low in my coffee, I have had absolutely nothing sweet. I am having ice cream tonight, though. There's no way I can do sugar-free indefinitely, but I'm thinking if I know I've got a dessert coming on the weekends, I can make it through without anything for the other 5-6 days of the week. Next week's goal will be no snacks after supper.

Last night at supper Camden told us the story of Sampson and Delilah (he had a little trouble getting out Delilah). It was so funny. The servants in the story were "serpents" (he insisted!), and when it was over, we asked him what he learned from that story. He looked at us and said very matter of factly, "nothing." I never realized how ruthless Bible stories can be until you hear your 4 year old tell them.


M :-) said…
Retail therapy is the best! Camden cracks me up!

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