ELEVEN degrees

It is eleven degrees outside! Believe me, for Tennessee this is rare and quite frigid. So frigid, in fact, that our pipes froze on one side of the house! Thank goodness that most of our pipes are under the house in the basement and they were okay, but the back bathroom (which we use) nothing is working! Of course, by Sunday the temperatures are supposed to be back to 67 so I'm not complaining. Well, I will complain about the fact that I still have to wear a skirt to work in this weather (and yesterday the high was 20). Ridiculous!

Remember how I said that the car wash broke off my driver's side mirror? Well, I've been riding around with it duct taped to the car the last several days. Classy. Brian is taking to have it fixed today, though.

I don't have any layouts to share, so how about a picture from Christmas of Camden sledding. He had so much fun! We thought he would be scared, but he headed on down the hill over and over laughing the whole way.


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