Baking Marathon

Well, I wish I'd had time to upload the pictures from last night's baking marathon, but I was too tired! We spent hours working on getting everything baked for Brian's school goody bags. Camden even made it into the mix by helping dip pretzels and lick off spoons. Brian was so funny! He spent the first 30 minutes pretending he was hosting a cooking show! I think we've been watching too much of the Food Network. Not too many people get to see the goofy side of Brian, and it's their loss because he is hilarious! After the cookies and pretzels were finally finished and put away, I helped him finish up his grades so he could get his report cards finished today.

I am meeting my two sisters (Becky and Liz) and our friend Kathy for lunch today at Pei Wei (Pei Wei is becoming a habit with me!). Kathy and I were room mates in college; after Becky came to school, we were all suite mates, and then Kathy and Becky roomed together for a year. We were both in Kathy's wedding, so there's alot of fun history there.

I am very excited because today is my last day at work until January 1! I wish I could say that I was starting my vacation off the way I planned (sleeping in and staying in my p.j.'s), but I'm having a breast MRI tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. (which means I have to leave my house by 6:15 - so not fun). There's nothing wrong; it's just part of the early detection plan my doctor has scheduled. Five days before Christmas is not the best time to drop $500 for a medical procedure, but I guess there's not really a good time for that.

The baking pretty much consumed the entire evening so I didn't have time to scrap, but here's a page I finished over the weekend. If you want to pick up this embellished template (template created by me; embellishments by Dani Mogstad), you can head over to Dani Mogstad's Girl Talk blog and download it.


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