We're in. . .

. . . but it's not all over yet! We were supposed to close today, but there's been a slight hang-up (hopefully not a serious one) and we're now scheduled to close on Wednesday.

Our move went well on Saturday until we arrived at the new house and the moving truck got stuck in the front yard! Brian and the other guys spent a good hour trying to get it unstuck, but they finally had to unload the furniture (including my huge piano!) at a crazy angle and carry everything up the front steps into the house. The first thing off was the refrigerator, which was too big to move into the kitchen. Trying to get it in the kitchen took another good 45 minutes or so. It's finally in the kitchen, but it's too large for the refrigerator space available so right now I've got a huge fridge in the middle of the kitchen floor. They're hoping to be able to mess with the counter a bit and move it into place this week.

We spent Sunday at church and then at home trying to recover from all the work of moving. We've done some unpacking and some rearranging of boxes so that at least we look slightly more organized that we really are. I think we're going to be very happy here. I'm definitely missing a few things from our other house like closet and cabinet space and my big master bedroom, but we've gained quite a bit too: a bigger room for Camden and a bigger nursery, a really nice big family room/bonus room that we're turning into a play room for Camden and an office for me, a much bigger 2nd bathroom, a basement for storage and the occasional tornado warning, a great yard and most of all we've gained peace of mind! It's nice to be out of the ghetto! Now we're just praying that things really work out with this closing! I don't know what we'll do if the sale of our house falls through.

We had both taken today off work thinking we would be closing so we spent a couple of hours cleaning out the old house and then ran quite a few errands. We were also able to look at furniture for Camden's room. We found a really great family-run oak furniture store where they custom build oak furniture. If they don't have something in their store you like, bring in a picture and they'll make it for you. Or they'll customize a headboard if you want to combine several of their designs. The best part is their prices were very reasonable and the furniture was outstanding! We were so excited to find it, and I know we'll be going back there for sure for a new bed for Camden's bedroom (so far he's still in a toddler bed). We're also really hoping to get a new table and chairs. We purchased our dining set from Brian's boss 10 years ago when we got married (for $50) and it was 25 years old then so it's definitely time for something new.

I really want to get some scrapping in, but there's just not time right now. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in a page in a couple of days, but for now I'm back to unpacking boxes.


Chris said…
Glad to hear you are THERE at least- getting settled is another story of course.
Mosy importantly, you have internet access. ;)
M said…
I was hoping you'd post an update on your move. Hope everything works out with your closing. Glad you are getting settled.

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